Soho - Conestoga Tile

Derived from New York’s most artistic neighborhood, the SoHo collection celebrates the combination of modern design and supreme product performance. In addition, the Soho collection embodies the versatility of the New York City’s native charm and includes a vast assortment subway tiles cleverly paired with an abundance of different mosaic options of various shapes, sizes, patterns and tricolor choices.

Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile & Porcelain Mosaics


Polished / Glossy


Polished / Glossy


Polished / Glossy

Wall Tile 3X6 Beveled (Glossy)

Wall Tile 4X12 Beveled (Glossy)

Scallop Mosaic

2x5 Picket Mosaic

Hexagon Blended Mosaic

Plaid Pattern Mosaic

Chain Pattern Mosaic

Cubic Pattern Mosaic

Hexagon Pattern Mosaic

Diamond Pattern Mosaic

2x2 Mosaic

2x2 Mosaic (Unglazed)

2in Hexagon Mosaic

2in Hexagon Mosaic (Unglazed)

1in Hexagon Mosaic

Arabesque Beveled Mosaic

Basketweave Mixed Mosaic

Technical Data

Material Type Glazed Ceramic Wall Tile & Porcelain Mosaics
Edge Pressed
Thickness See liturature for details
Exterior Use No
Surface Abrasion (MOHS) 5 (glossy), 6 (matte), 7 (unglazed)
Breaking Strength ≥ 270 lbf. avg. (Porcelain), ≥ 230 lbf. avg. (Ceramic)

Shade Variation

V1: Uniform appearance (illustrated)

V1: Uniform appearance