Learn About Tile

Why You Should Use Ceramic in Your Home

Ceramic tile has been used in the design of buildings for thousands of years. It’s an extremely durable and easy to care for product that when properly installed and maintained will last the lifetime of a building. It creates a dynamic first impression and has the ability to bring any space (indoors or out) to... Read More

Ceramic vs. Porcelain. What’s the difference?

The use of the terms ceramic and porcelain can be confusing. The term “ceramic tile” is often used as a generic name for all types of tile (porcelain included). However, the term is also (and traditionally) used to describe a specific type of tile product that is made of white, red and/or brown clays mixed... Read More

Understanding ceramic tile technical specification charts.

When reading the different marketing literature pieces that accompany many ceramic tile products you’ll notice a section that is usually placed toward the back that is often referred to as “technical specifications”. The ceramic tile technical specification chart can often be a confusing set of codes and numbers but they are important pieces of information... Read More

All you need to know about grout joints and grout

The space between the tiles is called a “grout joint” and the main reason grout joints exist is to accommodate for slight sizing differences from tile to tile that are created during the manufacturing process. The grout joint enables the installer to adjust the tile to compensate for these sizing differences and allow for a... Read More

Floor heating systems

Have you ever wondered why tile or stone feels cool to the touch? Interestingly, these two surfaces are the same temperature as everything else in the room at any given time. The reason for tile and stone to seemingly feel cooler than other surfaces is due to their density (which also aids in their superior... Read More

Helpful tips for when you visit our showrooms

After many, many years of helping thousands of people in our showrooms, we’ve come to understand what helps the most when selecting tile for your home or business. We have more ceramic, stone, glass and metal tile than you can shake a set of blueprints at and a way of streamlining the selection and design... Read More

Care and Maintenance for Natural Stone

Natural stone is beautiful and luxurious and can last the lifetime of your home if properly maintained. Knowing how to clean your stone and taking proactive precautions will make a huge difference in the long lasting appearance of your natural stone.   Here are a few important tips to get the most out of your natural... Read More