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Update Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen need an update? There are some things you should examine. For instance, deliberate over lighting, paint, cabinetry, backsplash, accessories, and floors.

The most effective way to update anything is paint. If the walls are looking dingy, give them a fresh coat of paint. Possibly even consider giving your cabinets a fresh coat too. Refinishing either the walls or cabinets will make your space look brand new. You do not necessarily need to do both. Painting one aspect will make a noticeable difference.

The backsplash in your kitchen may be outdated. If so, or if there is no back splash at all, consider one that makes a statement. An attractive backsplash always sets a stylish tone. The backsplash is like jewelry for your kitchen — it is a finishing touch, a statement, so don’t hold back when making this selection. This area should stand out and tie the room together.  If you would like a few ideas, visit our inspiration section to view completed backsplashes.

Examine your current lighting situation. A well-lit room creates ambiance emitted in a room. Under-cabinet lighting shows off an attractive backsplash. Consider upgrading your current lighting to LED under-cabinet lights. This type of lighting gives off more white light and saves money on your electric bill. If other lighting fixtures around the kitchen look tired; update these fixtures as well.

Once your lighting has brightened your kitchen, you may notice floor more often.  Over time, some materials begin to look dingy even when clean.  The solution is to use durable materials that wear well with time. Porcelain floors are perfect in the kitchen, both for durability and style. Take advantage of the new lighting.  Reflected light opens a small space and lends a clean, airy feel.  Visit our inspiration page to see the difference porcelain floors make.

Think about what sits on top of your counter tops. If you have various snacks and food items, you may want to get some attractive canisters to store these. This will make the countertop look smart and less cluttered.

Add some life to this area and plant fresh herbs. You can use the plants as ingredients in your meals and they look lovely! Planting herbs in your kitchen is especially successful if you have a window to provide sunlight to the seedlings. Make sure that the pot that houses the plants looks nice and fits in well with the décor.

Pick and choose what aspects of your kitchen need attention. The above ideas will have a direct positive effect on your kitchen, and you will notice the difference every day!