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Simple Guide to Decorating a Teen Bedroom

The members of every family move through different stages in life.  Have you hit the teenage years with yours?  Conestoga is a family business — family values are an important part of our vision as a company.  At some point, we’ll have teenagers in our house. As children grow and enter their teens, their bedrooms need to evolve with them. Here are some tips on how to direct changes in decoration in a healthy and creative way that allows your teen to explore their own style and ensure that their bedroom is a safe haven where they continue to feel at home as they grow.

First, pick a color scheme using your teen’s favorite color.  Include the favorite color, a color to compliment it, and a neutral tone to match. For example, if their favorite color is lime green, then add a pop of a light blue, and white as the neutral. Use this color scheme to guide your choice in flooring.  For a teen’s room, you should consider the benefits of tile.  Tile allows your teen to change color schemes easily (rugs are a great way to change an entire room), tile is extraordinarily easy to clean (for your teen who is not known for their ability to keep spills off the floor and the use of area rugs allows a room to be divided into separate areas.

Next, think about lighting. This is important because it creates the mood of the room. Some people are content with overhead lighting and an open window. However, for more subtle lighting, sheer curtains and lamps are great. And if they feel more at home in darker rooms, opaque curtains, LED candles, and string lights are an awesome choice.

After that, make sure there is decor on the walls for self-expression. Ask your teenager who their role models are, what music they are listening to, what sports/ hobbies they are currently loving the most. do, Let the wall art truly reflect who they are. Depending on the style of the room, this can be organized photos in frames or a collage of magazine tear- outs.

Now add plenty of furniture and seating to the room. Generally, a plush bed, a desk, and another chair or bean bag for seating is a great combination. Keep in mind though, as you arrange the furniture, to not make the space feel cluttered. Teenagers are notorious for creating clutter so give them as much of a “clean slate” as possible.

Finally, choose a few unique items that they can enjoy. If your teenager is a girl who loves fashion, then choose an oversized mirror and a clothes rack. Or if you have a boy who lives for music, then a record player and speaker system to connect to their smartphone would mean the world to them. No matter their personality or passion, you can always find an item or two to really set their room apart and make them feel special.