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How to Make Your Home Look Sophisticated

Would you like to make your home look sophisticated?

It is easy for a space to look simply “lived in”; because after all, we do live there! Take a look at your floor.  Does it seem dingy even after it has been cleaned?  It may be time for a makeover.

Switching from carpet to tile is an amazing way to transform any space – area rugs can be cleaned more easily than installed carpet.  High traffic areas are not a problem, spills clean much more easily and changing a room’s look in the future is as easy as replacing a rug! Visit our inspiration page for more ideas.

Window treatments are important. Does your home currently have window treatments? Blinds alone can look very basic and utilitarian. Window treatments go the extra mile by making a room look finished. A simple, tailored window treatment can go a long way. Install panels at ceiling height. This will draw the eye upward and make your room look taller. Higher ceiling heights make an area feel more refined. Fabric has a softening element and draperies can easily transform a basic room into a sophisticated space.

Install custom doors. If you want to start on a smaller scale, add trim to the doors in your home. Painting a door a contrasting color from the walls is yet another way to add a spark to your space.

Remember the smaller details. This provides a finishing touch. Add fresh flowers to a room. If you are not a live plant person, make sure the faux versions look real. It is a good idea to use faux greenery around your home and buy fresh flowers. This means you don’t have to remember to water anything and it adds a nice living dimension. Don’t forget to dust the faux plants! Select grassy types or flowers that are sized appropriately for your space.

Focus on these elements around your home and notice a transformation take place. Have fun and pay attention to detail. After all that is what makes the ordinary, extraordinary!

Florida Tile Blue Run installed in a checkerboard pattern

Florida Tile Blue Run installed in a checkerboard pattern