June 2016 - Conestoga Tile

June 2016

The Diagonal Drama

Some rooms seem to have drama built in, although it’s often difficult to determine how. Let’s take a look at this restaurant. The designer has managed to create a comfortable and inviting space without sacrificing drama and interest by including … Read More

Florida Tile Cellar collection color Meld installed on a floor.

Wood? Or Tile?

    If you are thinking about installing hardwood in your home but aren’t yet sure, you may benefit from installing porcelain wood-look tile instead. You may have heard of the benefits from hardwood floors, but how do these compare … Read More

Area Rug Sizes

Wood-look porcelain tile is incredibly popular with individuals who wish to have the look and feel of wood floors without the maintenance requirements.  Many people can’t tell the difference between the two materials even when the two are side-by-side!  So … Read More