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How to Create a Minimalist Bathroom

Bathrooms are a great space to be decorated in the minimalist style. This space exists for the purpose of maintaining our cleanliness and a clean, simple space reflects cleanliness back. A bathroom full of clutter can create the opposite effect. This design style can be tricky. It can easily become a stark space that feels cold and uninviting. Find out how to pull this look off perfectly, using this image as an example. The room featured in the photo is a beautiful example of a minimalist bathroom.

minimalist bathroom

Several objects within this space, like the tub and the dual vanities and bidet, add a layer of depth and interest since they do not reach the floor. A light source has been added only under the bathtub.  This draws the eye in without adding clutter. The floating elements in the bathroom help to break up the space, using only the required elements in the room. The space is not just a collection of angles and planes. Each element makes the bathroom features pop!

Lighting is the most important part of a minimalist space. This is not used simply to illuminate the space so one can see, it adds warmth and depth. Ambient (general) lighting is achieved by recessed lighting that adds a nice warm light to the room. The accent lighting under the tub can be used to illuminate the floor at night. It also creates another layer of interest to the tub surround. It is attractive and unexpected.  The skylight adds a source of natural light, creating an uplifting and light-filled space.

Minimalist spaces need a naturalist feature such as a plant, like in the photo above, or a water feature combined with indoor plants. Nature needs to be prevalent in a minimalist space to give it life. In the photo, you can clearly see different finish selections that are layered and creating contrast. Using different materials and textures are important. By using different materials within a minimalist space, texture, depth and contrast is achieved.

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