Exciting Minimalist Design for a Dining Room - Conestoga Tile

Exciting Minimalist Design for a Dining Room

This is a beautifully designed minimalist dining room. Find out the reasons it works, as well as how to successfully make this statement!
Minimalist dining room

Creating a space that is powerful and bright can be difficult to achieve. This particular space works because it was thoroughly planned out. The bright greens are balanced by incorporating different shades of gray. The various grays create some contrast, but it also balances the bright green without adding color.

The floor in this minimalistic scene is the only slightly reflective surface, giving the stark white floor a hint of color from the reflection of the wall.  A polished white tile is perfect in the space.

The rest of the room is low key. The minimalist furniture is chunky enough that it does not get lost up against the exciting accent wall. Clean lines of the dining furniture help tone down the space but also provide for a nice balance with the use of white and black finishes. A more elaborate or complex table could easily make the room feel busy and overwhelming.

Blank canvases on the wall are great here because they are not adding color or complexity to the space. They are adding an element of interest with an exaggeratedly simple shape. How the canvases are arranged help with balancing the room and breaking up a large portion of the wall containing an otherwise uninterrupted yellow.

The pendant lights that hang over the table are simple yet are substantial enough in size to offer some balance for the top half of the room. The cord is simple, and the shades are the perfect size for the space. Keeping the shades white a wonderful choice.

Accessories have been kept to a minimum here. Over-accessorizing is always a danger in minimalism. The two vases on the floor were chosen in black and white to help tie in the dining table and chairs. A simple yellow tulip was added for an element of nature.  This helps to soften the hard lines and adds a touch of life.

The key to success in this space is by using the “less is more” theory as well as careful planning. When deciding to make a statement space, it is so important to plan. Creating a colored rendering is key to making sure the room can work together as a whole.