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How to Design an Inviting Contemporary Family Room

Question: Is it possible to design a contemporary family room that is inviting? If so, how is it done?


It is absolutely possible to design an inviting contemporary family room! Given that this space should be warm and inviting, it can be more of a challenge to design a family room in a contemporary style, but with a few tips, you will be well on your way. Here are a few things to take into consideration when decorating in this design style.

Use comfortable textiles and upholstery fabric, ones that are touch-friendly materials, like cotton, linen or a blend of the two (which can obtain the best of both fabrics). If choosing leather, make sure to use it sparingly in the room rather than in every piece (This would create an overwhelming effect).  Nail-head finishing can make a piece of upholstery feel more livable and add another point of interest.

Use plenty of accent pillow and cozy throws that the family can use to curl up with a book or a warm drink. This small detail can make a big difference in the perception of comfort in the space.

Choose a warm and inviting material for your floor.  Wood floors look amazing, but the upkeep can be daunting, and installation can require long wait times while the wood sits in your home.  Instead, opt for a more family-friendly wood-look tile for the room.  You still maintain the cozy feel, but the floor can stand up to the rigors of a family such as spills and pets.

Choose an area rug that is comfortable to the touch. This creates a division of space, allowing a large room to feel more intimate.  Providing floor cushions or large pillows encourages a cozy atmosphere as well.

A fireplace in this space will add an incredible amount of charm and warmth. If you do not have this option, make sure the light can be dimmed. Recessed lighting is a great choice for this area. Having the lights on a dimmer is even more enticing.

Provide plenty of accessories such as books and framed photographs to add more charm to your contemporary space. Adding potted plants will bring freshness to the space and create an even more inviting room.