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Glass Tiles Are Not Just for Backsplash

Have you ever wondered about using glass tile? If so, there are some interesting things to know. Glass tile is not only used for the backsplash, but it can also be used as an entire wall material or an entire flooring material.

Glass tiles come in an array of different sizes however most of the sizes are under 12″ x 12″. Pebble tiles and other small decorative tiles can sometimes be considered glass tiles. This material can even be used as a chair rail for a distinctive and unique look.

Generally, the glass tiles come in mesh mounted sheets. This allows for easy installation that is less time-consuming than installing one little tile at a time. The mesh sheets can even be cut to make smaller sheets and create patterns.

There is an array of finishes available for the small glass tiles. The most common is the solid clear glass. For a dressier look, you may want to select the shiny or iridescent glass. There is even honed or matte finishes available. If you have trouble deciding, there are combinations of the different finishes. This creates a dimensional space that instantly draws attention.

Because of the smaller nature of this material, it can be installed in some surprising areas, such as curved surfaces fireplace surrounds and even on the ceiling. These smaller tiles also allow you to create unique patterns. This tile can be arranged by laying the smaller tiles individually or you can cut the mesh sheets down and lay the tile in varying orientation. It is quite popular to add vertical bands of small tile within a wall of larger tile, creating an interesting accent.

Glass tile has been referred to “jewelry for the home” by many designers as it adds a sparkle to any space. Looking to dress up an area of your home? This material can bring you unique options available in different, styles, sizes, finishes and patterns!