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Why We Trust Schluter Systems Tile Installation Products



Laying tile is an art form. Doing it right takes practice and skill, but most importantly, it takes the right tools to get the job done. Here at Conestoga Tile getting the job done right is our top priority so we are very particular about the installation products we recommend. We are committed to providing you with a tile feature in your home that you can enjoy and admire for years to come. For this and several other reasons, we are confident in the products available through Schluter Systems. For years we’ve seen the successful results of using their products and we now trust that there will always be a positive outcome.

Aesthetics aren’t the only reason it’s important to rely on the best available installation products. Certainly, it’s paramount to use the best if the goal is an impressive tile feature in the home. But even the most beautiful tile job loses value if it doesn’t stand the test of time. Schluter Systems products help achieve longevity by mitigating the typical issues that can arise with poorly installed tile. From the sheet membranes to the shower drains, these products ensure that finished work doesn’t have leaks, cracks, or any other problems. The result is workmanship of the highest quality and our clients are always impressed with the way the finished bathrooms, kitchens, and patios look in their homes.

Further, Schluter System’s product lines are highly diversified. This allows us to use Schluter Systems products throughout the entire installation. Not only does this help ensure uniformity during construction, but it also allows us to use products that are optimized to work together.

For more information about our company and the way we use Schluter Systems tile installation products, we invite you to contact us at Conestoga Tile today. In particular, we’d be happy to show your real samples because the natural variation in the shades of their products might appear different according to your computer monitor’s screen colors. We strongly recommend that you make your decision from actual products in stock, rather than pictures from the website.