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What Is the Best Flooring To Use For Your Laundry Room?



Gone are the days when the laundry area in a home was relegated to a dark, damp corner of the basement, or a tiny, stuffy closet. Just as with the rest of the home, we now want our laundry room to be a visually appealing place to spend time – while also providing great function and utility. The top priority is certainly the quality of appliances you buy, but coming in strong at second on the scale of importance is the flooring. The laundry room is a place of significant moisture and temperature fluctuations. It is especially important that the floor will stand up to these changes over a long period of time because the laundry room is one of the least frequently remodeled areas in a home.

The obvious best choice for flooring in this type of space is tile! It’s been the material of choice for centuries in any spaces that have to withstand moisture or temperature related wear and tear. Tile also offers a highly impressive number of options with regard to design so you never have to sacrifice form for function. This makes creating a pretty laundry room while maintaining the goal of smart utility very easy!

We recommend considering one of two options: ceramic or porcelain. For a beautifully classic look ceramic and porcelain tiles both wear well and are moisture and stain resistant. They also provide good traction, which is paramount in spaces where spills, soap, and water always find their way to the floor. If you’re goal is a laundry room that is somewhat fancier, ceramic and porcelain tiles have a wide range of patterns, thanks to advances in the manufacturing process.  Don’t be afraid to make your laundry room into a luxurious space.

Are you choosing tile flooring for your laundry room? You don’t have to do it all by yourself. We invite you to contact us at Conestoga Tile today and we’ll be happy to offer you our assistance.