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Updates to Make in Bathroom Renovations

Updated bathrooms are what every potential buyer is looking for. Even if you are not intending to sell, bathroom renovations can increase your quality of life within your existing home. The most dated part of older homes typically is the bathrooms. If you are considering renovating, bathrooms are a good place to start.

Install a barrier-less shower. Many individuals have seen the benefits of a home that is ready for older adults, whether this is themselves or others in their household.  Barrier free showers allow older adults to remain independent longer and avoid the need of greater levels of caregiving.

The floor of your bathroom will change the look, feel and utility of the space.  Updating the style of floor or upgrading the material can mean the difference between a tired looking space or a peaceful retreat in the home.  Love the look of wood floors?  Wood-look tile is nearly indistinguishable from wood but can be used in the wet environment of a bathroom.

The fixtures are the jewelry of the bathroom. Updated fixtures are a must! There are many options. There are technologically advanced fixtures with digital dials and touchless options. Traditional fixtures can be selected in an array of finishes. Brushed nickel is a great option, and oil-rubbed bronze is great for a vintage look. The finish you select determines the style or look. Use a shiny finish for a modern or contemporary look. Use a brushed finish for a more traditional or vintage appearance.

The shower head is definitely important. People like adequate water pressure and prefer larger rain shower heads, which provide a larger diameter of water that streams. Make sure to install larger shower heads with many options for the water spray options, or multiple shower heads.

New and updated cabinetry is a must when renovating bathrooms. Cabinets help sell a home. It is a wise investment to update all cabinetry within a bathroom. If you have the space add a built-in linen cabinet. Linen storage is important to homeowners, having that storage in the bathroom is perfect. It provides easy access to clean towels. Place towels at eye level and sheets and other linens on lower and top shelves.