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The Secret to Decorating Small Spaces

Decorating small spaces is a challenge that most of us face. The truth is it doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems. The trick is to use a few space-saving secrets.

White or light colors are perfect for small spaces.  Start with walls in a neutral, light tone to create a feeling of breeziness.  Extend the color to your floor with white or light toned tile to maintain the clean and airy sense in the room.  Stay away from small format tile, since this can cause the space to feel smaller than usual.  Large format tile opens the space.  For more traditional tastes, wood-look porcelain tile is a beautiful addition.

Use natural light to your advantage. Keeping things light and airy fools the eye into thinking a space is larger than it is. Let natural light in by using nice blinds instead of heavy drapes. With that being said decorate with white. Paint walls white and accent the area with a few pops of color for accents.

Glass and mirrors are perfect for smaller spaces. Because glass is translucent it is perfect for allowing light to flow through. Glass containers feel light and airy. Mirrors help because they reflect the space and light; which in turn makes the space feel larger than it is. That method is a true optical illusion that has proven to work! Glass surfaces on items such as coffee tables and end tables also work well in smaller spaces because they open space rather than enclosing it.

Choose lighting wisely. Floor lamps work well in small spaces. They can be tucked behind furniture and some can be moved to provide directional light where needed. Wall sconces are also a good selection for small spaces. They do not take up valuable floor space and also draw the eye upwards.

When trying to make a smaller space feel larger, draw the eye upward with vertical lines.  This tricks the eye into thinking the ceiling height is higher than it is. You can also create this optical illusion by painting vertical lines or by using tall, thin bookcases or mirrors. This rule works for slightly larger or uncrowded spaces. This trick should not be used in tight spaces. For example, using vertical stripes in a small room (like a powder room) will make the room feel like the walls are closing in.

Wall shelving is a good way to draw the eye upwards and to provide storage. Wall shelving also creates extra space for added decoration for accessories. Place decorative boxes to store small items and pair with a few accessories. Keeping storage concealed is an excellent way to keep the area looking tidy which in turn will create a larger feel within the space.

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