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Features that Sell Homes

If you are trying to sell a home or looking to increase the re-sale value of your current home, consider these features that sell homes.

Kitchen – the heart of any home

Upgraded kitchens are a must. That means that the floors, cabinets, countertops and appliances should be fresh and new. Most of the population desire stainless steel appliances. Most families desire a solid surface counter tops and an island for extra prep area and seating. If the kitchen has room for an eat-in table, that is a perk as well.

Room for storage

Plenty of closet space is always better. People like to have plenty of space to store belongings. It is best to keep clutter at bay and the more closet space available, the more organized people can be. The mere fact that they have room to be organized is a selling feature for any home!

Useable basement space

Finished basements are a selling point in any area of the country where basements are a possibility. Buyers want extra space that can be used in several different ways, all the while being out of sight. Large, finished basements offer more storage space, places to house guests and a place for kids and teens to play or hang out. “Out of sight, out of mind” is the true meaning to a finished basement. It all boils down to extra space that can be used in a variety of ways.

A luxurious bath

Upgraded bathrooms are very important to buyers, as people desire a spa-like place to get ready. Family and guests should also have nice bathroom as well. Larger bathrooms are usually better, but even small spaces can feel luxurious with the right changes.  Barrier-free showers accommodate a wide range of guest needs and high-quality floor materials are the best way to make anyone welcome in the space.  Try spa-like options for the floor such as pebble tile!