Selling Features of Homes Continued - Conestoga Tile

Selling Features of Homes Continued

We hope you enjoyed our first installment on the top selling features of homes. Read on for more areas to focus on to prepare your home for sale or increase its value.

Open concept

Currently, the most desirable homes use an open concept layout within the shared spaces of the home. The kitchen, dining and entertainment space are open and have an unobstructed view from the kitchen. The reason this is desirable is that parents like to be able to keep an eye on their kids playing in the family room while cooking in the kitchen. Couples love having space to entertain and plenty of space for guest to sit and stand, preferably around and near the kitchen and dining areas. A neutral large format tile or wood-look tile is perfect in open layouts since they can match the décor in each space and easily accommodate additions such as area rugs or partitions to help visually separate the spaces.

Home office space

A designated home office space is on everyone’s wish list. This may not be a must have but it does help when selling a home. Having a separate space to pay bills and a place to work at the computer is any family’s dream. Office spaces are a place within the home where the door can shut out the noise and a person can think, be creative, study and work. Home offices that have a closet can actually count as a bedroom which can make a difference in the value of a home.

Ceiling height

High ceilings appeal to everyone. It also goes hand in hand with open concept layouts. Higher ceilings make a space feel larger and more open. It does not add extra square footage to a home, but it does make a home feel larger than it is. This feature has become common in new construction. Keep this in mind if you are building a new home, adding an addition on to your current home, or buying a new home. Having ceilings higher than eight feet will increase the re-sale value of your home.

Don’t forget curb appeal

Curb appeal is the final feature on this list, but the first thing buyers notice. Potential buyers are attracted to a home that looks good from the street. Even a new construction home or a freshly renovated home is undesirable if the outside is lacking curb appeal. This includes a well-groomed lawn and pleasant landscaping. The exterior of the home should be well maintained and clean. The driveway should be clearly defined and well maintained. Plenty of parking space is an attractive feature!