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The Types of Glass Tile

Glass tile, a versatile and visually stunning material, comes in various types, each offering unique characteristics and applications. Understanding the four main types of glass tile provides valuable insights into their production methods and distinctive features.


Smalti tiles are crafted from a mixture of metal oxides and glass paste. These tiles undergo high-temperature firing before being meticulously cut into small pieces for use in mosaic patterns. Known for their vibrant colors and intricate patterns, smalti tiles are often favored for creating visually striking mosaic designs that add a touch of artistry to spaces.


Fused glass tiles start as plain glass, which is treated with color before being cut into desired shapes. The tiles then undergo a firing process in a furnace, and additional treatments like etching or coatings may be applied. Fused glass tiles seamlessly integrate color and shape, offering a dynamic and artistic appearance that lends itself well to creative and decorative applications.


Sintered glass tiles are created by mixing glass powder and dye, which are then heated until the components fuse together into a solid form. The result is a smooth and uniform surface, making sintered glass tiles suitable for a wide range of design styles. Their versatility and consistency make them a popular choice for various interior applications.


Cast glass tiles are formed by arranging pieces of glass in a mold before undergoing the heating process. This method allows for the creation of intricate designs and textures, adding depth and visual interest to the finished tiles. Cast glass tiles are prized for their ability to bring a unique and artistic touch to both residential and commercial spaces.

Whether you’re drawn to the complexity of mosaic patterns in smalti, the dynamic artistry of fused glass, the uniformity of sintered glass, or the intricate designs of cast glass, Conestoga Tile offers a diverse selection to suit various aesthetic preferences. Visit our showrooms in Columbia, MD; Sterling, VA; or Harrisburg, PA, for expert guidance and to explore the possibilities of incorporating glass tile into your next project.