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The Types of Glass Tile

Image via Conestoga Tile

Image via Conestoga Tile

Glass tile can add an element of whimsy or beauty throughout the home. Although this product has been around for over one thousand years, today’s production methods provide a greater range of styles and a marked increase in durability. There are four main types available; read on to find out more about each.

Made from a mixture of metal oxides and glass paste, these tiles are fired at high temperatures before being cut into small pieces for use in mosaic patterns.

By taking plain glass and treating it with color before cutting into the desired shape, fused tiles are created. The final step is to fire them in a furnace after which time they may be treated with etching or other coatings.

This type of tile is created by mixing together glass powder and dye, and then heating until the two components fuse together in solid form.

These tiles are formed by placing pieces of glass together in a mold prior to heating.

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