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Get the Look of Wood in Waterproof Porcelain Tile

When installing flooring in wet rooms (kitchen, bath, or any room where the floor might get wet) it is critical to select an appropriate material. Hardwood flooring, while a popular traditional choice for homes, is not a good choice for wet rooms. Natural hardwood is very susceptible to damage due to moisture. If you are interested in a waterproof wood look, look no further than porcelain tile. Advances in technology mean that there are more options than ever when it comes to achieving the wood look of your dreams.

The Look Without the Worry
Glazed porcelain tile is easy to maintain and won’t shrink, shrivel or be destroyed when exposed to moisture. At first glance, you believe you’re walking on the rich warmth of hardwood. But a closer look reveals tile that looks like wood without the worry.

Not Just for Water Woes
Wood-look tile is a hot design trend for any room in your home. This durable ceramic lends the grandness and warmth of hardwood to a living area, a bedroom, even throughout your home.

Unbelievable Wood-look Choices
Florida Tile makes ceramic look like olive, maple, oak and hickory. And Mediterranea combines the look of aged Americana hardwood planks with durable tile.

If you need a waterproof wood visual, visit a Conestoga Tile showroom to see a broad range of options!