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Mitigating Mold in Your New or Existing Bathroom

Mitigating mold in the bathroom behooves an old-fashioned one-two punch of prevention and remediation, no matter if it’s for your current tile bathroom, or for new bathroom design.


Mold is practically everywhere but requires three factors to grow: plenty of moisture, a food source (soap residue will do just fine), and temperature. Unfortunately, molds enjoy the same temperatures as people. That means the only practical defense against mold growth is the waterproofing of new-build bathroom design, moisture control in existent bathrooms and plenty of ventilation in both.

For a new bathroom design:

  • Work closely with your contractor to establish impermeable waterproofing and efficient ventilation. Waterproofing prevents water leakage and subsequent mold growth in the floor and wall cavities.

For mitigating mold in existent tile bathrooms:

  • Ventilation and cleanliness are key. Run the bathroom ventilation fan during bathing, and 30 minutes after bathing. A quick towel drying of tile after a shower helps reduce moisture and soap residue. Tile exposed to water should, at the least, be cleaned once a week.

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