Pebble Tile Mosaics from Bati-Orient - Conestoga Tile

Pebble Tile Mosaics from Bati-Orient

Here at Conestoga Tile, we are proud to announce that we are now offering products provided by our newest supplier, Bati Orient. We are working directly with the US operation of Bati Orient, which is located in Houston, TX, to be able to offer their beautiful pebble tile mosaics that can be used to complement a huge number of home designs.

Pebble Mosaic bathroom installation Bati Orient

Although they have several products to choose from, including marble mosaics and decorative mosaics, it is Bati Orient’s pebble mosaics that have become quite popular amongst homeowners. The use of pebbles is a great way to bring a little bit of the natural world indoors, and the delicate texture helps to not only draw the eye, but it also helps to provide an inviting atmosphere. They are extremely popular for shower floors, bath floors, and accent in-lays within a field of tile.

When it comes to selection, there are a variety of neutral color combinations available, making it easy to fit into any home design. You can use pebble mosaics in a number of ways as well, from a few accents in your floor to help break up the space, to the walkways outside of your home. Many of the pebble mosaics are also available in 4”x12” liners that can be used as accents within a field of tile as well.

Be sure to check out the pebble tile mosaics by Bati-Orient, now available at Conestoga Tile.