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Product Spotlight: Schluter Ditra underlayment

As you know, the use of ceramic and stone tiles has grown in popularity among homeowners over the last few years. This is due to the durability of the material, the relative lack of maintenance needed to care for it and the versatility of their aesthetic in home design. However, hard surface coverings such as ceramic and stone tiles can be difficult to install with the use of today’s more lightweight construction methods. Because of this, an underlayment such as Schluter-DITRA is required.

Schluter Ditra uncoupling mat.

Schluter-DITRA is a polyethylene membrane that provides a mechanical bond to the substrate. It is designed specifically for the installation of ceramic and stone tiles and helps to serve as a waterproofing membrane, an uncoupling layer and a layer that manages vapor by accommodating moisture from underneath the tile covering. Additionally, Schulter-DITRA also provides excellent support and load distribution for tile coverings.

If the homeowner you are working with is requesting ceramic or stone tiles as part of their home design, then make sure to use Schluter-DITRA to install them. For more information about Schluter-DITRA, as well as information and advice on various stone and ceramic tiles, then be sure to visit one of our Conestoga Tile showrooms.