The Boho Bathroom - Conestoga Tile

The Boho Bathroom

If you absolutely adore the Bohemian chic style of décor you will love these fabulous ideas for translating it into a bathroom design. It might seem a little out of place at first because of the emphasis on textiles and somewhat crowded styling. But it actually works out just fine and the greatest benefit is that you are sure to have the most unique bathroom around. Nearly everyone designs a sleek, traditional bathroom. Very few have the spunk and panache to venture into a Boho bathroom. Good for you for going for it! Here are our top tips for creating the look.

Start with the floor. This style of bathroom is perfect for a dramatic flooring effect. Think pattern! Try four to five different colors of ceramic tile that are well coordinated to create a true masterpiece. In fact, when it comes to tile in a Bohemian style bathroom, don’t stop with the floor. Use it on the walls too! Experiment with solid color tiles and a dramatically patterned tile around the vanity. Another great way to make beautiful tile a focal point is by using it in conjunction with other materials that add contrast. A Bohemian bathroom is a great place to mix textures and surfaces. To highlight the tile, combine it with concrete, wood, and/or paneling.

Regarding cabinetry a good bet is to mix and match pieces to create a unique setting. For example, repurpose a vintage cabinet by installing a solid surface counter top, and try removing the doors so the contents are exposed. Organize items nicely in funky baskets. Use a weathered ladder to hang and display textiles. Hang Mason jar lanterns from the ceiling for an eclectic light source.

Next, embrace rather than avoid textiles. Lay a beautiful antique area rug in the center of the floor. If it’s antique and not terribly expensive it will wear just fine in a bathroom. For window treatments try including heavyweight brocade curtains. Simply include well place tie-backs and move them out of the way when the area is splash prone, and let them down when the bathroom isn’t in use. For towels and wash cloths, use bold patterns and saturated colors so they are part of the décor rather than just task purposed. Not sure what to use for a shower curtain? Try linen. It’s lightweight so it lets air circulate even when it’s closed, and this natural material blends seamlessly with Boho style.