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Enhance Your Shower With Tile

APE Murus Nocta wall tile installed in a Shower

APE Murus Nocta installed on the shower wall. Photo courtesy of APE Grupo.

In your bathroom, bathtubs and showers take center stage. While sticking to the basics may be tempting, upgrading to a spa-like bathtub or a glass-enclosed shower with multiple shower heads can have a significant impact. To create a lasting impression, surround these fixtures with exceptional and functional tile.

Monochromatic Simplicity

Consider a monochromatic approach, using a single style and color. This timeless classic style can make the space feel more open and spacious, providing a clean backdrop that accentuates a spectacular bathtub or shower as the focal point.

Mix and Match for Emphasis

Alternatively, you can mix and match tiles to make them the focal point. For instance, use a solid color tile for 70% of the bathroom and introduce a contrasting designer tile for the remaining 30%. Experiment with creative ideas like using the designer tile around the tub perimeter or as an accent wall in the shower.

Consider Future Resale

If you plan to sell your house in the next few years, keep in mind that a bold tile design may not appeal to all potential buyers. Consult with our showroom design consultants to strike a balance between adding a designer touch to your bathroom and creating a space that can easily adapt to various styles.

Tile Selection Matters

Our showroom design consultants can also guide you on tile absorption and traction ratings. Bathroom tile must withstand the presence of water, and it’s essential to avoid slippery surfaces. Explore more about these aspects in our Learning Center.

Happy remodeling!