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Influence the Mood of Your Room With Color

Color Wheel

Colors are so closely associated with feelings that it is not surprising that the dominant color can completely set the mood of a room. Here’s a guide to picking a color that will fit your intended vibe perfectly.


Let’s start at the beginning of the rainbow at red. Red is a statement color! Some words to associate with red are passionate and daring. Also said to stimulate appetite, an ideal room for the color red would be the kitchen.


Pink is just as fun as red, but a little less aggressive. Pink can be described as spunky, but also soft and feminine. It would be great in a bedroom or a guest room.


Next is orange which stimulates creativity and creates warmth. This would a great color in a room dedicated to art, a child’s room, or an office.


Yellow is fun and welcoming! It has such a positive connotation that it would be great in a family room, living room, or the kitchen.


Green is a tranquil and balancing color. Because it is so closely associated with nature, it would look great on a patio, in a sunroom, or a bedroom if you were looking to add serenity to your place of rest.


After that comes blue which is meditative and calm. Blue would be great in an office to keep away stress and evoke a feeling of reliability.


Last is purple. Some purples are blue-violet and feel spiritual. These would look great in a sunroom or room dedicated to art, music, or religion. Red-purples, on the other hand, are very bold and beautiful. They would look nice in a den or dining room.

Once you’ve picked dominant color for the overall mood of the room, you can further hone the mood of it by including accent colors. For example a green and pink room could feel both peaceful and girly. Make this decision for each room in the house and when the job is complete you’ll have a home filled with rooms that truly express your intended mood and vibe.