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Remodeling: Staying Organized Part 4

We have reached the end of our four-part series on remodeling organization.  We have suggested many ideas to help you stay organized during a home remodeling project.  Part 1 covered forming your vision, Part 2 spoke of creating a vision board.  Part 3 offered ideas to keep all of your ideas, pictures and samples together.  If you haven’t read these posts yet, be sure to go back and take a look!

Now for our final part, apps and online programs that can help you with your organization.

Productivity Ideas

Since staying on budget can be one of the more challenging parts of remodeling and can lead to more stress, keep good tabs on your budget with technology. With the myriad of productivity apps available today, find one that will help you stay on track with your spending and planning.

If you prefer not to use an app, go “old fashioned” and use a simple excel spreadsheet and record what you’re spending. Keep your receipts and enter them daily or at least once a week. Create a set time to maintain your spending record and you’ll feel much more in control over your project and be able to more easily decide where to cut spending if needed.

Many vendors, including Conestoga Tile, can give you clear information about costs ahead of time.  We work hard to make sure you have a plan for an aesthetically captivating space that works within your budget and time constraints.

Online Organization

Keeping all of your online life organized, along with the physical, will help greatly. Be sure to keep good track of all email communication by making folders and keeping important e-mails stored in those folders. Keep your favorite websites bookmarked and organized in appropriate folders so they’re easily available when you need them.

Also keep a calendar dedicated to your remodel projects.  This is wonderful for scheduling meetings, estimates and ensuring that materials arrive before the installers do!  This calendar can be either a paper calendar or one accessible on your phone.  Just make sure it is always available.

These ideas are simple enough to start today and will provide a good foundation to keep you organized through the remodel process. If you can enjoy the process, you’ll enjoy the end result even more. We wish you all the best as you create updated spaces in your home!