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Remodeling: Staying Organized Part 3

Welcome to our third post offering ideas on staying organized as you remodel your home. Truly, making an effort to be organized will save you money, time and headache. In Parts 1 we talked about forming your vision while in Part 2 we spoke of creating a vision board. Once you feel confident about your style and the specific finishes you like, making choices along the way will be much easier.

In this post we offer a few ideas about the practical, nitty gritty of organizing your life as you renovate your home.

Contain All That Stuff!

As much our lives are online, having physical papers, flyers, catalogs and samples is unavoidable. Keeping all these organized is important as you’re making decisions about the products and colors that will be in your updated space.

Find a big tote bag and keep everything related to your remodel in there. Take it with you everywhere. Include in this bag:

  • Your vision binder or a picture of your vision board
  • Paint Samples—contained in their own, labeled envelope.
  • Coupons—contained in their own, labeled envelope.
  • Small floor and fabric samples
  • Tape measure
  • A snack—for those power shopping days!

You’ll want to keep the bag itself tidy and organized. Make sure you purge unneeded papers away constantly. Once you rule out a paint color or are done with a catalog or magazine—toss it! Having extra papers around you don’t need will complicate the entire process needlessly.

By keeping all of these items together and easily at hand wherever you go, you will find small decisions are much easier.  If a new idea strikes, you can quickly see if it works with your entire vision or if you should let the thought slide from your mind.

Next, we will be talking about apps to help you with the entire remodeling process!