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Personal Style



In our world today, with a universe of images at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to know and define our own personal style. Or is it? Does the vast quantity of images and content available to you make you feel less sure and more scattered, or does it help you feel stronger in your sense of style? It likely varies from person to person, but if you are one who feels the distraction of all the pretty things flashing here and there, and thus less sure of yourself, we think you’ll benefit from creating a vision board!

Though you might feel a bit like a teenager when you start putting one of these together, know it will help you have a firmer definition of what matters to you and the uniqueness that informs your style. This is a fun exercise in thinking about every aspect of yourself and putting into one visual space. Purchase a large bulletin board or even use a blank wall in your home if you feel like going big with this!

Find images and/or small items you can hang on a tack that visually represent the following:







Now that you’ve done that, think about what you love the most for each of the items in the list below. Find images/items to include on the board:



Smells & Tastes

Flowers, plants and trees


Books and specific characters from books who inspire you



Once you have this board together and filled with images that matter to you, take a picture of it so you can take it with you when you shop to remind you of what you really love. You’ll be far less distracted and more focused on what is expressly “you”.

Seeing all these visual representations of yourself and your loves in one space will help you have a stronger sense of who you are and what you like. This strong sense of self will be revealed in the way you express yourself through style.

Enjoy and let us know how it goes in the comments!