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Stylish Details for Smaller Kitchens

Small kitchens can be a challenge to work with. You do not have to forgo style simply because the space is limited. Find out how to add interest to a smaller kitchen!

Extend the backsplash tile past the backsplash. Consider adding tile to any or even all of the walls. This looks exceptional when the wall cabinets do not extend all of the way to the ceiling. Extending tile from the backsplash helps add more texture and visual interest to the space. It also gives the smaller space a detail that will be appreciated by all. On walls lacking tile, make sure to use a bright, cheerful paint color.  This will help brighten up the space and add more cheer.

Since greater amounts of light help a space look larger, brighten up the floor in the kitchen as well.  A kitchen floor is subject to traffic and spills.  By simply replacing an outdated floor, the rest of the kitchen can take on a new glow.  Don’t be afraid to use large floor tiles.  This will reduce the amount of grout lines and this helps the room to look and feel larger.  Tile is a great option since it cleans easily, resists stains and stays beautiful for many years.  For a classic look you can even try wood-look tile!

Install a stylish faucet. If you are working with a basic or standard faucet, swap it out with a new more aesthetically appealing faucet. This is an item to splurge on. It can be frustrating trying to cook in a small kitchen so find a faucet that has features that will help make your life a little easier. For example install a no-touch faucet or one that can extend to make it easier to fill up pots.

Upgrade the cabinet hardware. Select a hardware that will accent the new faucet. This will help add subtle details to the entire kitchen.

Lay down a comfortable rug or runner. There are some really great looking rugs that have memory foam within. This will help keep you more comfortable when standing in the space. It will make cooking more enjoyable, especially since you will feel like a pampered chef.

Install under cabinet lighting. This will add accent lighting that helps polish off the space, as well as providing task lighting when working on the counters. This makes food prep easier. It highlights a beautiful backsplash and acts as the perfect night light during the evening.

If you have any questions about making your small kitchen more enjoyable, stop by one of our showrooms or contact us.  We are always happy to help!