Helpful Tips for When You Visit Our Showrooms - Conestoga Tile

Helpful Tips for When You Visit Our Showrooms

After many, many years of helping thousands of people in our showrooms, we’ve come to understand what helps the most when selecting tile for your home or business. We have more ceramic, stone, glass and metal tile than you can shake a set of blueprints at. To streamline the selection and design process, come prepared with a few items. Following these tips will greatly assist our design consultants to better understand your vision and needs.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Bring images of what catches your eye. Many visitors come to us with visuals discovered online, in magazines, or photographed. Websites like and are great places to find ideas. If possible, take a few snapshots of the area that will receive the tile and/or stone. This will be helpful in properly directing you to products with similar looks and properties.

Cabinetry, countertop materials, paint, and any other finishes.

There’s nothing like seeing the actual tile sample in your own home and space. Bringing as many of these items along with you will help narrow down what looks good with your other features and likely streamline the selection process.

Bring your plans.

If you are building a new home or doing an addition that involves plans or drawings, by all means, bring them along with you. This will enable our design consultants to have a better idea of your space and room layout.

Thumbs up/Thumbs down.

Note your likes and dislikes. When visiting our showrooms, you will be presented with many different options to choose from. Having a predetermined idea of things you like, and conversely things you do not like, will make the selection process much easier.

Understand your budget.

This is often difficult as many showroom visitors are not quite sure how much material is necessary to complete their project. Your contractor can be very helpful in assisting you in determining a budget for the price of tile. In any event, having some idea of project allowances or acceptable cost per square foot of material will certainly be helpful.

Visiting our showroom and seeing all the possibilities for your space can be a very exciting and enjoyable experience especially when you do a little preparing. See you soon.