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Why Ceramic Tile (Part 1)?

Searching for the best flooring that will best complement your home? No doubt, with the countless number of options available making such a decision can be overwhelming. However, ceramic tile is one of the most popular flooring options. In fact, ceramic tile is also used on walls, backsplashes, and so much more.


Ceramic tile rates quite high in durability and ease of maintenance making it a perfect option for any home. Ceramic tile is available in hundreds of different colors and designs including tile that is nearly indistinguishable from hardwood. What makes this material so unique is its ability to retain its finish and color. That means over the years you can expect ceramic tiles to maintain its beauty. This can play a vital role in improving the overall value of your home.


Unlike most flooring types, ceramic tile is highly scratch resistant, which also makes it easy to maintain. Tile doesn’t absorb water, doesn’t stain, and is very simple to clean.  A broom and a mop are the only tools you need for your tile floor!  With sweeping and mopping you can maintain a level of clean nearly impossible with other floor coverings making it perfect for those suffering from allergies or families with small children who are learning to crawl.


Research conducted by an independent organization revealed that ceramic tile has the lowest life cycle cost in comparison to 12 different popular flooring options which included laminate, carpet and natural hardwood. Tile is a material that retains its initial value much longer, adding to the overall value of your home.  See the full report provided by Tile Counsel of North America (TCNA).


Still not sure whether ceramic tiling is best for your home? In the next post in our series, we’ll further discuss the virtues of ceramic tiles.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Conestoga Tile or visit one of our locations!  We are always happy to help.