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How to Choose the Right Tiling for Your Outdoor Spaces

If you have your eye on tiling a patio, deck or outdoor space, it is important to understand that not all tile is created equally. There are natural features of each form of tiling which make it a better choice for certain conditions. To help you look for the right outdoor tile to fit your needs, our professionals at Conestoga Tile would like to pass on these pieces of tile knowledge.

As you approach your search for outdoor tile, perform a detailed inspection of the area you are planning to use the tile in. Note factors such as:

  • Moisture level
  • Temperature gradient
  • Type of ground that the substrate or tile will be placed on

All of these factors are important because tiles are made from a wide variety of materials that come in a range of sizes, thickness and surface textures. A few examples of tiling that would and would not be good for the outdoors include:

  • Thicker tiles will typically wear better than thinner ones in areas that have a change in temperatures through the seasons.
  • Tiles with a smooth surface can become a slipping hazard.
  • Small areas benefit well from smaller tile sizes, while larger are often better suited to much bigger styles.

If you still have concerns tiling an outdoor space, contact us to learn more about selecting the right outdoor tile.

Image Source: houzz