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Beautiful Design Styles with Wood Look Tiles

If you are torn between hardwood floors and easy-to-clean tile in your home, we have good news for you. Advances in tile design make it possible to enjoy the visual of wood with the same amount of upkeep. Wood look tile in your home gives you the appeal of wood floors without the risk. Consider some of the design options detailed below.

Whether your home features a sleek modern and contemporary design or a sustainable aesthetic with natural materials, tile is highly versatile material that blends well in any room in the home.

  • Vintage and Retro. For a vintage and retro appeal, consider battered-wood tiles which are ideal for a home with vintage accessories and retro furnishings. Battered tiles are also desirable because they mask dirt, nicks and other accidents.
  • Classic, timeless designs. Wood tiles are a highly-versatile option. Dark wood tiles are the perfect complement to a classic interior black and white color palette.
  • Neutrals. In homes featuring warm neutrals, wood look tiles in grey, beige and white are the perfect complement.

If you would like to see wood look tile firsthand, stop by one of our showrooms in Columbia, MD; Sterling, VA and Harrisburg, PA. For more information on wood look tile, contact us at Conestoga Tile.

Source: houzz