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Glass Tile Shapes Take on New Meaning

If you’ve ever taken on a bathroom remodel or added a backsplash into the design of your kitchen, then you may have noticed the simple, expected shape of glass tiles as you tried to decide which would be best for your home or project. Well, those days are long gone because glass tile shapes have taken on a new meaning.

With new design trends emerging every day along with the many advances in technology, glass tiles are being manufactured in more shapes than ever before. We recently installed a new vignette in our Harrisburg, PA showroom that features a unique new glass tile shape known as Martini. Taking it’s name from the classic cocktail, the Martini style tile’s shape is reminiscent of a martini shaker. One of our favorite manufacturers Lunada Bay Tile also has a variety of new glass tile shapes available in Agate, such as: Pompeii, Dash, Taiko and Herringbone.


Lunada Bay Agate Martini in Cortona Pearl. Glass tile with elongated hexagon shape.

Lunada Bay Agate Martini in Cortona Pearl. Photo of Courtesy of Lunada Bay Tile

Any of the new shapes would be a great addition to your kitchen or bathroom to step up the style with a little something unexpected. To learn more about the variety of glass tile shapes and designs that are available, visit your local Contestoga Tile Showroom.