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Rectified vs Non-rectified Tiles

The distinction between rectified and non-rectified (pressed) tile lies in the precision of their edges, impacting their appearance and installation. Understanding these differences is crucial when selecting tiles for your space.

Rectified tiles undergo an additional mechanical process after firing, where their edges are precisely cut and ground to achieve uniform dimensions. This results in perfectly straight edges and exact 90-degree angles. The uniformity of rectified tiles allows for a tighter grout joint, creating a sleek and seamless appearance. These tiles are ideal for achieving a contemporary and refined aesthetic. However, it’s important to note that rectified tiles may have a slightly sharper edge, requiring careful handling during installation.

On the other hand, non-rectified, or pressed, tiles maintain their natural edges without undergoing the additional cutting process. As a result, these tiles may have slight variations in size and shape, leading to less precise edges. The variation in dimensions is particularly noticeable when large-format tiles are used. Non-rectified tiles often necessitate a wider grout joint to accommodate these slight irregularities and ensure a more forgiving installation process. This wider grout joint can contribute to a more rustic or traditional look, depending on the overall design scheme.

When deciding between rectified and non-rectified tile, consider the style and atmosphere you want to achieve. Rectified tiles are favored for modern, clean-lined designs, where a seamless look is paramount. Non-rectified tiles, with their inherent character and slightly uneven edges, are well-suited for projects aiming for a more relaxed, classic, or artisanal appearance.

In essence, the choice between rectified and non-rectified tiles comes down to the desired aesthetic, the size of the tiles, and the precision required for the installation. Both options offer distinct visual outcomes, allowing you to tailor your tile selection to the specific design vision for your space. Want to see rectified tiles in action? Visit any of our showrooms in Columbia, MD; Sterling, VA; and Harrisburg, PA.