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A Look Back: The History of Ceramic Tile

The actual origin of ceramic tile is clouded in the mists of history. While most experts believe that the first ceramic tiles were fired in Egypt, others point to the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and China. In either case, by the 1000 B.C, the technology had been well-established in several parts of the world.

Subsequently, the art reached its highest levels of craftsmanship in the Arab world in Persia and in Italy in the West. While these two, disparate styles differed dramatically in content, they were both exceedingly innovative in their choice of technologies and materials.

Towards the modern era, ceramic tile became more widely available and began to adorn the kitchens and bathrooms of everyone from the King of England to Midwestern American housewives. Since then, its beauty, utility and affordability have never been questioned. Simply put, ceramic tile is a remarkable building material.

While historical insight is a wonderful thing, modern technology is a completely different animal. Let the professionals here at Conestoga Tile show you how modern ceramic tile can fit into the decor of your home and improve your lifestyle. Our knowledgeable staff can expertly guide you through the entire process from initial design to final installation.