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Fireplaces Everywhere!

A fireplace’s design can fade into the background, or it can be the focus of the room. A fireplace may be commonly found in a room such as a living room, or it may be found in a more unusual location, such as the bathroom or kitchen. However, regardless of where it is found, a fireplace inspires family members to gather around. The ambiance created by this wonderful addition makes a fireplace a priceless amenity that only adds value to your home.

A fireplace’s design should be centered around your personal tastes, but location is also going to factor in. If your fireplace is in the living room, the scale will necessarily be larger than in other rooms. The living room is the gathering place for most families and is usually the largest room in the house. In order to make the best of this feature, showcase your fireplace’s beautiful tile.  This will serve to enhance the room’s overall design aesthetic and can add value to your home. 

However, if you are thinking about a fireplace for a less common location such as your bathroom, you may want to consider the existing design of the space. While living rooms tend to be large and generally do not compete with existing fixtures, bathrooms will come with plenty of pre-existing features such as faucets, cabinets and fixtures. You will also be working with a much smaller space so placement can be a major consideration.

Another unusual but welcoming location for a fireplace is the bedroom.  This is a wonderful way to add interest and coziness to your suite.  With the perfect tile surrounding the new focus of your room, this may become your new favorite spot.

No matter where it is located, a fireplace is an amazing addition to your home and a gathering place for your family.  If you have questions about the best tile to highlight your new fireplace, be sure to visit one of our showrooms where we can help you in the process!