An Entryway Update - Conestoga Tile

An Entryway Update

Now that winter is has started, the holidays are near, and guests will be stopping by more frequently, it may be time to do a little updating. An entryway update is a wonderful place to begin since every guest to your home will see this space. Typically modest in size, entryways can be updated much more quickly!

Make sure there is a place one can hang a wet jacket and dry a pair of boots. A drying tray with an insert or a thin layer of polished stones is a perfect place to set boots and protect your floor.  Provide hooks or a coat rack to make sure jackets stay off the floor!  A chair or bench is a thoughtful way to provide guests a better way to remove their shoes.

The floor in the entryway is a very important component. This is the room where the elements can negatively affect your floor.  Moisture, salt, sand, chemicals and mud are all likely to be tracked in, so plan your floor choice carefully.  Tile is a great choice since it is able to stand up to the traffic and can handle the moisture.

It is common to have a small table in an entryway. Spruce the furniture up by adding a decorative tray to place keys and mail. Add a stunning vase to the table and fill it with flowers.

Ditch the door mat and update to a small area rug or runner. Runners are perfect because they draw guests in and direct traffic inside.

Consider a fresh coat of paint for this space. Since this space is usually smaller the job will take minimal time and materials.

If you have any questions about the right choices for your entryway floor to make the best statement for your home, the showroom consultants at any of our locations will be happy to help!