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Popular Kitchen Colors

Kitchens are the most frequently renovated room in the house. Second, to your home’s exterior, kitchens also have the highest return on investment at time of resale, making it one of the best places in your home to remodel or update. One of the key components to a kitchen’s design – and one of the cheapest and fastest ways to help update your kitchen – is paint or the color you paint your walls. Wall color can give your kitchen a lot of personality and life, even if you plan on going very neutral on your floors, cabinets, and counters. If you’re wondering what palettes to choose for your kitchen, consider some of these popular kitchen colors right now for inspiration.

All Shades of Blue

Blue is the hottest color in interior decorating right now, and there isn’t a single shade that isn’t making headlines somewhere. From smoky Country blue to bold turquoise, blue is turning up at kitchen shows everywhere. Cabinet and appliance makers are also noticing this trend, which is why you can find both of these items in a range of different blues as well.

For the kitchen walls, you’re better off on the lighter end of the spectrum. Light smoky blue, very pale sky blue, or even robin’s egg blue all work well on walls. Blue mixed with gray is also a popular color and works really well if you want to go darker.

Pair this color with a wood-look porcelain tile for a beautiful backdrop to show off your blue kitchen.

Cream and Yellow

Yellow and cream help to invoke the image of a sunny, joyful space filled with light. This is why these two colors have stood the test of time in many kitchens. Both colors pair well with blues and they also pair well with warmer, more neutral tones such as the other trend in kitchens that emphasizes natural tones and warm finishes. Just be careful to keep your yellow light; you want to give a hint of sunshine in the space, not make people think of a primary color palette. This kitchen is best paired with a marble-look porcelain tile.

Naturals and Neutrals

If you have natural wood in your kitchen, try letting it show on the walls. Likewise, letting bricks, stones, and other natural materials show is perfectly alright and perfectly on trend for kitchens right now. To best show off this natural look, use a tile such as the Mediterranea’s Chicago.

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