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Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian design seems to have found a home in the US.  Although it originated in the Nordic countries, it’s simplicity and functionality have an appeal that has transcended borders.  If you are as fascinated by this modern yet classic look as we are, read on to find out how to bring this style into your home. Scandinavian design relies on simplicity and clean lines.  Crisp, white walls and minimalist floor choices are the perfect blank canvas to build upon.  This backdrop allows the design to realize its full potential and impact.

Light colored wood is used frequently throughout the space. Ideally, the floors would be a light-colored wood with a natural, clear stain. However, with the upkeep required of wood floors, wood replica tile is much closer to the ideal Scandinavian design. Large format white tile is also a great choice for bathrooms or kitchens. Keep the light feeling throughout the space by using light wood in furniture, shelving, dishes, accessories or even sculptural pieces.

Interesting lighting is a must, in order to achieve this look. Consider a chandelier made from paper or stainless steel over the dining area. Install pendant lights over an island or workspace. Industrial lighting with a residential feel will work perfectly. Lighting fixtures made out of metal with clean lines looks industrial. For residential feel, try a glass globe that houses the actual bulb. LEDs are a great choice here.

Open shelving or floating shelves are popular in a Scandinavian styled space. Be minimalist with what you place on the shelves, and display a few like items on shelving such as a cluster of books with a small house plant. Absolutely avoid clutter. Make sure there is storage where clutter items can be stored away out of sight.

Prints are a wonderful way to bring color and interest in Scandinavian design.  Use a bold pattern throughout the space, with bright colors used sparingly.  Primary colors are a popular choice. For artwork, select black frames with white matting. The subject can have pops of color, as long as it is on a smaller scale. The black frame outlines the works of art while the white matting helps to integrate the art and the décor.

Remind yourself the goal is to be minimalistic yet aesthetically pleasing. Less is more in this type of décor scheme. Follow these tips and achieve Scandinavian design with ease!