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Advice from a Tile Contractor: Proper Installation of Plank Tile and Large Format Tiles

Although tile has largely been popular for years in the bathroom and kitchen areas, the use of plank tile and large format tile throughout the home has only recently grown in popularity. There’s a simple reason for this: ceramic and porcelain tile is durable and easy to maintain.

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They also happen to be very versatile in different home designs, especially since you can install those that take on the look of various types of hardwood floors. There are certain things you should keep in mind when installing plank tile and large format tile. 

The tiles are not flat; they are crowned in the middle. This can present problems during installation, especially if you do a full offset.  The limit should be a 33 percent maximum offset. The floor that you are installing it onto should be as flat as possible as well, or else the flooring is not going to look level. Choosing the right thinset is also important. You should use either Laticrete 4xit or Marble and Granite mix.

Contact a local tile contractor for more information about installation and for more advice on tile flooring options, visit one of our Conestoga Tile showrooms.