Iridescent Details

    A beautiful and eye-catching trend in interior design is in the details — and iridescent. Iridescence uses various finishes or materials to create a variety of shifting colors with a high sheen.  The look of an iridescent item changes, depending on how you’re looking at the item as... Read More

The Diagonal Drama

    * In the photo – Florida Magnolia tile in Mahogany Some rooms seem to have drama built in, although it’s often difficult to determine how. Let’s take a look at this restaurant. The designer has managed to create a comfortable and inviting space without sacrificing drama and interest.... Read More

Wood? Or Tile?

    If you are thinking about installing hardwood in your home but aren’t yet sure, you may benefit from installing wood-look tile instead. You may have heard of the benefits from hardwood floors, but how do these compare to the benefits from wood-look tile?  Does one win out over... Read More

Designing a Spa Bathroom

If you’re considering remodeling your master bathroom and love a spa look, we’d love to help you plan with a few images to consider.     We’re starting with a bathroom that is minimalistic in color and material. In this room, all-white tile is used throughout and the result is... Read More

Versatile Tile

    One question we have often been asked is “Where can I use tile?”.  The easier question to answer would be “Where can I not use tile?”.  Tile is no longer confined to the floors of bathrooms and kitchens, but has found its way into every room of the... Read More

Kitchens We Love

    Considering a kitchen remodel in your home can be exciting yet intimidating. While it can be the costliest part of a home to update, kitchens prove to provide a high return on investment, along with increased beauty and functionality you can interact with several times every day! Since... Read More

Modern Living Room

    Furnishings with stylish sleek lines and a minimalist look are the hallmark of modern living rooms. With such a canvas to work with, warmth and visual interest can be created by using these decorating ideas: Color—All white or black and white are very popular colors for modern living... Read More