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Create an Appealing Bathroom Tile Design

Tile in the bathroom may be functional, but it’s also one of the most important factors in the room’s overall look and feel. For a bathroom tile design that’s clean, yet still warm and inviting, try these tips.

Mix up shades — Two to five shades of the same color in a random pattern create a cohesive yet visually interesting look. For example, shades of cream lend the room a fresh, airy appeal, without the starkness of pure white.

Add trim — To attractively transition between surfaces, trim the floor with decorative tile that contrasts with the floor color and reflects the color of the walls.

Create architectural interest — The handcrafted look of pillowed-edge tiles works well in rustic designs. Tiles with thinned edges can create a 3D basketweave pattern. Using the same tile in different thicknesses allows for a variety of textured arrangements.

Pay attention to size — Large tile visually opens up a small bathroom, whereas small mosaic tile can brighten a shower wall. For variety, set two tile sizes in alternating stripes.

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