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Effectively Maintain Your Metal Wall Tiles

Metal wall tile may seem unusual but it packs an aesthetic punch unlike any other material. While most useful in a contemporary and modern setting, it can also be used as a complement to more traditional decors. The material itself is durable, making it easy to care for your tile.

Here are a few tips for effectively caring for metal wall tile:

Seal Annually: Proper sealing stops oxidation and is the foundation of caring for metal wall tile. Always start here for little trouble in the future.

Clean Regularly: Use the right soap for the right metal. Use dishwashing soap for most metals but a specifically products for stainless steel. Avoid using abrasive cloths as most metal wall tiles can scratch quite easily.

Remove Stains ASAP: This problem is most commonly caused by hard water and the stains can be easily removed with a baking soda paste. Just don’t wait too long or the problem can seriously infiltrate the metal.

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