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What Your Stone Floor Says About Your Style

As you know, each person has their own unique style. Specific design features in your home can make a huge statement about your personality and style.

For example, your stone floors:

  • Sandstone – Provides very little variations in color from tile to tile. This shows a uniformity that is not present in other selections.
  • Slate – Most common form of stone flooring found. It is primarily a dark tile and provides intermittent bursts of lighter colors.
  • Marble – Marble is a gorgeous stone that is often associated with luxury. It provides a remarkable variety of veining and hues, but requires a lot of attention to remain in good condition.
  • Granite – Known as one of the hardest materials, it is unyielding, but provides a huge selection in patterns and colors.
  • Limestone – A highly resilient stone, limestone has incredible choices in colors and patterns. It often mimics the appearance of wood providing a welcoming appeal.
  • Travertine – This oft stone delivers a unmatched warm grace not found in other tiles.

Without knowing it, people often choose textures and colors which mirror the aspects of their own personality and style, is the same true of you? Talk with our professionals at Conestoga Tile to find your perfect match.

Image Source: Houzz