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What are the Benefits of Installing Ceramic Tile?

benefits of ceramic tile

Source: Conestoga Tile via Houzz. Installation by OHI Design

Tile is a beautiful and durable material. The following are some of the most important benefits of ceramic tile we think you should consider as you prepare to remodel your home this new year:

  • It is easy to maintain. Ceramic tile simply needs to be swept, mopped, and polished from time to time.
  • Tile is cost-efficient. Penny for penny, you’ll get more years of use from tile than any other flooring option.
  • The variety is endless. From little tiles to big tiles, brown tiles to yellow, the options and combinations you can choose from guarantee you can create patterns and designs that are entirely unique to your home.
  • Tile is easy to repair. Even if an entire tile needs replaced, it is a simple process that is far easier than carpet or wood flooring to repair.
  • It is more valuable. Adding ceramic tile returns more of your investment dollars than other materials. Further, tile installations show potential buyers that you are serious about maintenance, upkeep, and durability.

The benefits of ceramic tile are something we understand very well. We invite you to contact us at Conestoga Tile today to discover the best tiling options we recommend for our clients.