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Our Manufacturer Mosa has Won the Cradle to Cradle Innovation Award for 2014

Cradle to Cradle Innovation Award 2014


Plaques and trophies are nice to hang on the wall, but the greatest award any business can ever earn is the loyalty and recommendation of satisfied clients. When it comes to the Cradle to Cradle Innovation Award 2014, we’re pleased to say that Mosa has definitely earned both.

Mosa Tile has been named innovator of the year by the Cradle to Cradle Innovation Institute. This is a prestigious honor and signifies not only the company’s commitment to innovation, but its ability to deliver high quality products that improve and enhance homes across the country.

Indeed, we are proud to offer Mosa’s tile products to all of our clients. Whether you are seeking to install them within your home or your office, we assure you the quality of the tiles is the best available. Not only do they transform any space into a comfortable and relaxing room; they are durable and can stand up to as much foot traffic as you demand.

We’re happy to provide the products manufactured by the Cradle to Cradle Innovation Award winner. We invite you to contact us at Conestoga Tile today to learn more about the variety of products offered buy our tile manufacturers.