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You’ll Love the Look of Bati Orient Quartzite and Slate Mosaics

Combining Bati Orient Quartzite and Slate mosaic tile together creates a stunning visual impact within your home. The deep gray of the slate provides a firm base, which is why it’s popular for kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways. However, too much grey is dull and drab which is why adding a touch of Bati Orient Quartzite is something we highly recommend.

Quartzite Slate Mosaic

Source: Conestoga Tile

Quartzite is manufactured to imbue the glass with deep and rich colors. Available in blue, purple, red, and brown, you can create the perfect accent for your decor. It looks fabulous when paired with natural stone tile installations and provides just the right amount of color to be noticed, but not overwhelming.

Further, the 12″x 12″ sheets the tiles come in feature a wide variety of tile sizes and designs including square, rectangular, and jagged. This makes picking the perfect shape, size, and color as simple as choosing it from the catalog.

Bati Orient Quartzite and Slate mosaic tile is something you have to see in person to understand how beautiful it is. Contact us at Conestoga Tile to schedule a time to meet with our team who would be glad to show you the options we carry.