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Warm Colors For Your Home



Reds, yellows, oranges as well as various combinations of these colors are considered “warm” colors. Yes, as you use stronger color, its intensity also increases creating a warming effect. Such a group of colors can influence a range of emotions such as feelings of happiness and excitement. How can you incorporate warm colors into your decorating scheme?

Warm colors can work well together because they are located near each other on the color wheel. When such colors are added to the decor of a room they add spice and personality to an otherwise bland space. A warm color in combination with a neutral can create balance within a room. While warm colors are stimulating, such colors should be used sparingly. You don’t have to implement this strategy in every room of the house. Instead, opt to use a warm color as an accent against a neutral colored wall. Using warm color as accessories can add spice to any room without going overboard with the color scheme.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of using warm colors is that it can make a room appear cozier as the color advances. When using such colors it can make a space more intimate and warmer. Colors such as red and orange have the ability to make the space appear smaller and more inviting. Warm colors are great for rooms that are sparsely furnished since the colors bring a coziness that is otherwise lacking.

Warm colors can also be energizing. Use these colors to help your home feel more inviting and welcoming.  However, you should avoid using a bold warm color as a dominant color in specific rooms. In areas where you want to avoid stimulation such as in the bedroom and dining area, you should opt to use warm colors only as an accent.

Are you ready to begin adding some warm hues to your home? Start by adding the warmth sparingly so you can determine what works for your home’s decor and what doesn’t.  If you decide to use red tones offset it with a black accent. Tan and off white make great accent colors for orange hues. When decorating with warm colors remember that less is more.