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Decorating With Neutral Tones


Panaria Connect collection color Akashi installed on a kitchen floor

Panaria Connect collection color Akashi.


Decorating with neutral tones can seem like a fast way to create a dreary look to your home but take it from the professionals—when done correctly neutral tones can add sophistication and modernity to your space without the attention seeking nature of bolder colors. The key is to know how to use them to your advantage and you will be well on your way to a neutral toned heaven.

 Start with the floor

Begin with your floor.  Does your home need a more neutrally toned floor?  If you begin your design with a strong base, the remaining decor will be more cohesive.  Try a classic look such as wood-look porcelain tile that gives the look of wood (and there are a great variety of woods) but this material can be used throughout the home, even in wet environments.  Even the kitchen and bathroom can start with a neutral and classic look.

Stay within the same family of color

When using neutral tones, one technique to consider is to stay within the same family of color you choose and simply vary the shade based on the room’s function. This will create a sense of uniformity across rooms in your home while still allowing for each room’s needs to be met by the shade you choose for it. You can differentiate further by using varying accent colors in each room. For example, perhaps you are varying your shades of gray throughout your home. In the bedroom, you might use blue accents to add a serene dose of color. However, in the kitchen, you might want to use a yellow or red as your accent color. 

Choose two accent colors

Another great technique when using mainly neutral tones in your interior design is to choose two accent colors. Choosing two accent colors that work well together can add dimension to your neutral color palette. These small pops of color keep the neutral tones from feeling drab in your space. This can be done in many different ways and you shouldn’t feel like you have to achieve this with just accent pillows or artwork. You can also consider alternatives such as with your area rug or painting the trim in your space.

Add a design element

If you are using neutrals throughout your home, a great way to create continuity is the add a design element that is used in every room. This will tie all of your different spaces together and brings about a sense of cohesion throughout your home. An example of this might be to use a common color that you use at least once or twice in each space.

Visit a Conestoga Tile showroom consultant for assistance in decorating with neutral tones.