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Turn a Dark Room into a Bright Room

As the days lengthen, are you noticing some of your rooms still seem dark and cold? If you find yourself with this challenge, we have some helpful tips to help you turn a dark room into a bright room!


Do you dread putting your feet on a cold floor in the morning? Even in the spring, it can be tough to get out of a warm bed when you know your floor will be cold.  Make it easier on yourself with heated porcelain tile floors.  Choose a light finish in order to brighten up the room as well as your morning.


Your windows may not let in a lot of light, but make sure the windows are clean. Don’t cover with heavy and dark window coverings. Use window coverings that are sheer and light. Depending on privacy, you can even leave the window bare. Bare windows look sparkly, fresh and airy.  Most of all open those window coverings and let the sun shine through!


Rooms that are painted a medium to dark color are a sure way of making the room appear cold and gloomy. Paint the walls with light colors, and paint baseboards and trim a bright white.  Painting the ceiling a pale blue or gray really makes the room look much larger and brighter!


Dark and bulky furniture appears to overtake the room, making the room appear much smaller. An easy fix is to buy some light-colored slipcovers. We recommend a light solid color while adding your pops of color with decorative throw pillows.


A sure way to make sure the room appears brighter is to invest in a ceiling chandelier and lamps that provide a lot of light. Table lamps with white or off white shades put off more light than a dark shade. Also, light fixtures that have a metallic or shiny metal finish, brighten any room.  Try adding a floor “up light”, which directs light to the ceiling making the room appear larger and brighter!


Everyone knows that adding mirrors make the room appear larger. Mirrors reflect light and make the room appear much brighter. Add a mirror with a frame finished in gold or silver to add just a little bit more shine and brightness.

Go Green

Don’t forget to bring some greenery to the room. If the room is small, find a corner or nook for a tall plant in a sleek white or cream container. A tall plant will give the illusion of height. Plants are soothing and calming while bringing a little of the outside in!

For more great ideas on how to turn a dark room into a bright room be sure to visit a Conestoga Tile showroom near you.